ZettaMobile Platform

What does ZettaMobile do?
ZettaMobile offers self-service, location-based, mobile advertising solutions for Small Business. We provide the business owner with easy-to-use tools to create a mobile display ad, and distribute it across popular mobile apps and sites. Our technology allows us to reach customers within a specified perimeter of the business location, called geo-fencing.

What does self-service mean?
It means giving you, the advertiser, the ability to create and maintain your own ads without the assistance of an actual advertising sales representative. However, at ZettaMobile, we are happy to help if needed. Self-service gives you more convenience to control your advertising messages and timing; it also allows us to provide you with more efficient pricing.

How does ZettaMobile work?
After creating an account on our site www.zettamobile.com, you will be offered a 30-day Free Trial, without any obligations. After your Free Trial, you can select from one of our affordable monthly subscriptions that fits your budget and advertising needs.

Search for your business using your business name, phone number and city/zip and confirm the information. To help you create the ad, our technology provides graphics already associated with your business online. Select the image you like and review/update the destination URL. Add a custom promotional message, if you like.

Our product dynamically creates a mobile display ad for you (graphic and text) along with an Action Page for driving customers to your location.

Once you turn the advertising “on,” we take care of the rest. Our technology places your ad on mobile devices nearby as people surf popular mobile apps and sites. ZettaMobile provides you with real-time reporting on your advertising campaign.

Who can use ZettaMobile?
ZettaMobile is for businesses that have a local emphasis and local physical presence and want to reach local customers on their mobile devices, easily. Our solutions work for business owners, Ad/PR agencies that represent local businesses and media companies that want to provide a local, mobile solution for their advertisers (white-label).

What is the difference between the mobile ad banner created and the Action Page?
The banner is created to appear on a mobile app or site, within the content of the page. The Action Page appears after a person taps on the banner. It is a much larger unit that includes your business information and “action” buttons to call your business, get directions, or go to your site.

Can I use ZettaMobile if my business does not have a website?
Yes. You can choose where to send people after they see your mobile ad. You can direct them to your listing on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, etc.; your social media page on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.; or any other online/mobile destination you choose.

How far away from my business will you reach customers on their mobile device?
For populated areas, like cities, the default is 3 miles around your business location. For less populated, rural areas, we can go out to 25 miles. Please contact us if you want to adjust the radius for reaching customers.

Getting Started

Is there any obligation to sign up for a free trial?
No. You may cancel anytime and are not obligated to buy a monthly subscription after your Free Trial expires.

What do I get with a Free Trial?
Once you add your business, you will have access to all ZettaMobile tools: My Neighborhood, Ad Creation, Ad Management and Reporting. If you can create multiple ads for your business, the ad impressions (ads viewed) will be divided among those running.

How much does it cost after the trial?
This will depend on the budget and advertising objective of the business owner. We offer affordable, monthly subscriptions based on the number of times the ad is delivered. There are monthly subscriptions of $100, $200, $500 and $1,000 for your business.

What happens after I create my ad?
The first thing to do after your ad is created is to turn on your ad. This is done by going to “My Ads” and changing the “Campaign Status” from “Off” to “On”.

What happens next is that your ads will appear in mobile applications (aka "apps") and websites to potential customers that are in the vicinity of your business. You can see a sample listing of where your ads may appear at http://www.zettamobile.com/freetrial_demo.php

Campaign Management

Can my business have more than one ad created?
Yes. As a matter of fact, we encourage that you experiment with multiple images and messages. Just remember that the impressions in your plan are distributed among the active ads you are running; so turn off the ones you are no longer using.

Can I edit/change my banner ad wording during the campaign?
Certainly. The "Customize Your Banner" option will allow you to add a promotional message up to 56 characters (there is a character/space counter within the tool so you know how much space you have to play with).

Will I see my ad on my cell phone?
While we cannot identify specific cell phones that have received the ads, if you subscribe or visit the sites/apps seen here http://www.zettamobile.com/freetrial_demo.php, you may have an opportunity to see one of your ads.

How many times will my ad(s) be viewed in a month?
We provide you with an estimated number of impressions (ad views) to expect based on your Monthly Subscription Plan selected for your account if it runs the whole time. Since we provide you with the ability to control your advertising (start/stop ads, distance from your location, etc.), those factors could influence the delivery. Therefore, sometimes your ad may be viewed less than we are estimating.

How do I know how my ads are performing?
To see how your ad is performing, simply log into the ZettaMobile Tool to view your Dashboard. You will see real-time reporting on the number of impressions delivered, the number of clicks (taps) on the ad, the number of calls made, the number of directions requested and the number of visits to your site.

We also send a “Report Card” to your account e-mail when there is activity

General Questions

What are the benefits of ZettaMobile to a Small Business owner?

How do you identify what phones my ad appears on?
ZettaMobile utilizes location-based ad serving technology - which is based on latitude/longitude of the users in the specified targeting radius. Ads are served throughout mobile apps and websites made available by our inventory partners.

On what mobile apps and sites will my ad appear?
We work with media companies to secure ad placements on many popular mobile apps and sites in the following categories: news, games, weather, communication, entertainment, etc.

Click here to see what apps/sites your ad may appear http://www.zettamobile.com/freetrial_demo.php.

We are constantly looking to include additional apps/sites, increasing your chance of exposure.

Can I choose specific apps and sites where my ad will appear?
No. Since the ads are determined by time and location we cannot segment your ad to specific sites

Will children see my ads?
No. We make sure that ads are only delivered to Adults over the age of 18.

What is an impression?
An impression is the unit of measurement for when your ad appears within an app or site and can be seen. For instance, a person goes to their AccuWeather App and they see your ad, it counts as 1 impression.

Privacy and Security

Why does ZettaMobile need my personal information?
Your personal information is strictly used for account management and communication during your participation. All information is stored securely and not shared with any 3rd party.

Do you collect data on the people that see my ad?
No. We provide you with information on how many times your ad was seen and action taken, like calling your business, but that is an aggregate number and not specific to an individual user.
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